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Free Play Based Documentation Guide!

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Enrollment will open mid-February for the spring cohort!  This is a 12 week course that Kristen will guide you through and offer support along the way.  This course is a ONE STOP SHOP for all things play-based and child centered in an early childhood program.  Drop your name and email in the form and I will send you the link for more information when it becomes available! 


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The Play Based Learning Masterclass

Kristen put in the work so you don't have to...

She created a set of parent letters that you can download here! Topics include: creativity, play, kindergarten readiness, and risk taking.

This is where you will find the good stuff.


The Blog can be accessed by the main menu - up on top!  Computers are hard for Kristen and she can't figure out how to link it here.  So check there.  You will find the good and dirty stuff (like filthy - not dirty - you people with dirty minds) up there.  


Kristen is as passionate as they come in the field of play based, early childhood education. Her presentation style can best be described as a conversation with your best friend. Engaging, funny at times (although she swears she isn’t funny), challenging and practice changing, Kristen can take you from “I am so not sure about all this play business”, to “I am never turning back”.

Online Courses

Kristen is in the process of creating a course that will help early childhood professionals break up with teacher directed learning to create playful learning environments.  Enrollment for the Play Based Learning Masterclass opens on February 15, 2021 for the 12 week spring cohort!

About Kristen

Her preschool kiddos call her Teacher Honey, her kids' friends call her Mamma Honey and someday her grandma name will be Honey.  Learn more about the creative vampire and her favorite ECE and personal development resources here.


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