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Preschoolers Not Paying Attention During Virtual Circle Time? Try This Instead.

Mar 28, 2020

It is hard enough to get children to sit and pay attention during an in person circle time, but try getting them to pay attention during a Zoom (or virtual) circle time and it is enough to make any teacher scream and drink vodka out of their coffee mug they have sitting nearby.  I've seen many-a-teacher asking for tips on how to get children to listen during a virtual circle time.  And I have some ideas for you to try. 

I used to DREAAAAAAADDDDDDDD circle time 8 years ago.  It was SO hard to get a class of twenty 4 and 5 year old children to sit, pay attention, learn, recite the calendar, say the ABCs, listen to the book I chose, sing the days of the week song and count the days we have been in school.

And now we are being asked to do it virtually?!?  HELL NO.

Ok, I'm not being asked to do that and I would never ask that of any of the teachers that work with me.  And I would say HELL NO if anyone even mentioned to me that I should try it.  Here is...

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