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Small Risk = Big Reward In Early Childhood Programs

Jan 02, 2020

Let's talk about risk baby. Let's talk about you and me... For real. Let's talk about you and me. Adults. Our perception of risk. We hear risk and we hear BAD. We want to run in the other direction because risk could cause injury and someone could get hurt. Well guess what?  Eating grapes is super risky. They are the number one choking hazard in young children. And we give them to our kids anyway. Because we know they are good for the body and they just taste so darn good. But we cut them in half or quarters for our little ones. We know the hazard, so we take precautions to provide this nourishment for our kids. And that is just the same as physical risk.


isk and hazard are different. A whole grape and a two year old - hazard. A tall ladder and a three year old with rusty nails poking out of a board underneath and no adult nearby - hazard. A room of cute rabies infested puppies and a five year old - hazard. You get it. A hazard is something that could hurt or...

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