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Dressing Children For Outdoor Winter Play

Jan 04, 2020

You've heard this before.  But living in the arctic circle, we find that our toes still get cold and our chins freeze off it we don't wear the "right" things.  Here is the down and dirty of what your child's teacher or caregiver wishes the children would wear.  If you don't want to read all of this, there is a cool little info-graphic at the bottom of this blog post to break it all down for you.  We will start at the base and then head outward!  Also, there are links included but I am not a rep for any of these.  These are just things I have found that work well over the years.

Baselayers:  I don't wear them.  Some people do.  What is their purpose?  Helps to regulate your child's body temperature! Moves moisture away from their body during play. Synthetic materials and merino wool are materials to look for in base layers.  I don't have any favorites I recommend - these are easy to find at big box stores or outdoor gear...

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