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Who is Ms Debbie?

Ms. Debbie is a fictticious character and not based on any one person.  She is the exact opposite of Teacher Honey (that’s me - Kristen).

Ms. Debbie (she was gifted her name - no hate to the Debbies of the world) is an early childhood educator that believes preschool is the new 1st grade. She love behavior charts, order, control and lesson planning.

She believes children need to sit to learn, that calendar time and weather songs are the best way to teach things at circle time and she thinks children should mind their manners and listen when she is speaking.

She believes children can’t learn unless a teacher is filling their brain with what is on the lesson plan and year end assessments.

She spends her evenings cutting out penguin beaks for penguin week and wants all of their art to look the same.

During pizza restaurant week, she assigns jobs in the dramatic play center and children must rotate being the chef, waitstaff or customer.

She doesn’t like to go outside when the slides are wet from the night air settling and is absolutely appalled if a child picks up a stick.

She claims she is play based because the activities she plans are ‘fun’, so it is play.

In short, she is a childhood stealer and doesn’t realize it. She is not willing to change. She is an (very over exaggerated) example of what societal norms say a teacher of young children should be.

She is not a rebel in the early childhood world because she doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. She does not advocate for young children and play because the higher ups say what she is doing looks like learning.

She has many adventures over on Instagram!  Don't miss any of them!

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