The Play & Nature Conference is postponed until July 2021. 

If you have a ticket and have not received an email with information about the postponement, please email [email protected]

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The Organizers:  Kristen (Learning Wild) Peterson and Tiffany (Play Frontier) Pearsall

When:  July 25 and 26, 2020 (9am-4pm each day)

Where:  Play Frontier (located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington) and the Hodgson-Lindberg Training Center

Cost:  Early Bird - $197 (purchase by April 30th, 2020) 

Regular ticket price - $247 (after April 30th, 2020)


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This conference is for...

Early childhood educators  - no matter where you are on the spectrum of play and child led learning.

Early childhood educators who are stu-ressssseed out with the way their classroom environment is currently set up.

Early childhood educators who believe play is how we learn... but need support.

Early childhood educators who want motivation, inspiration and a whole tribe of people to connect with.

Early childhood educators that need fresh ideas.

Early childhood educators that need a push to get children outdoors more often.

Early childhood educators that love the idea of nature preschool or forest school concepts but don't know where to start.

Early childhood educators that are facing 'problems' and need some help troubleshooting.

Early childhood educators that are starting to feel burn out and need to recharge with like minded people in a beautiful setting.  


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YES! environments

supporting risk taking

communicating with parents/stakeholders/community

troubleshooting for programs wanting to get children outdoors in all weather 


boss stuff

Here's the bottom line:  there is nothing like a live event to get you recharged, motivated and feeling like you can conquer your classroom/world... And, if you have any questions, please reach out!

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Flying in?  Your closest option is Portland (PDX).  Rental cars were pretty decently priced and the counters are located right in the airport.  Kristen was able to get a rental car for $16 per day!

Driving?  The address of Play Frontier is 1111 Hemlock Rd. Carson, WA 98610 it is a 12 minute drive from Carson, WA.  

Where to Stay?

There are some hotels in Stevenson, WA.  There are some great options on AirBnB.  We are also going to look into renting a two houses about a 2 block walk from the training center.  If you would be interested in renting one of the bedrooms, send Kristen an email or connect with her through Instagram (@learning.wild).  

Still have questions?

Shoot Kristen an email.

Contact Kristen

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