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Have you ever been told that you are too much? Too loud? Too anything?

Have you ever told a child they are too wild? Too loud? Too much?

I have been told and I have told.

Enough is enough. I am not too loud. Too renegade. Too hippy. Too much.

You are not too loud. Too opinionated. Too quiet. Too much.

Our children are not too wild. Too loud. Too shy. Too quiet. Too wild. Too much.

We are who we are. You are who you are. They are who they are. We are all what we are. And instead of sitting in it as too of anything, let’s lift up our loud and wild and muchness and let it out. Embrace our children as wild and loud and shy and quiet and much-y. That wild and shy and much-y and loud and opinion and hippy and renegade and, and, and, and, will serve you, serve me, serve them and serve the world someday. Raise them wild. Raise them loud. Raise them shy. Raise them. Embrace them and let them be all the much. Let them be little so they can live big the rest of their lives.

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Let them be too wild, too loud, too much.

Young children need to be all the toooooo muchiness in order for them to learn what is just right.

They need to use way toooooooo much glue to figure out what is just right.

They need to use way toooooo much paint on their paper at the easel in order to learn what is the just right amount of paint.

They need to use every single color of marker without putting the caps back on in order to learn, well, markers without caps dry up. AND, to learn what is just the right amount of markers to not have caps at any given time. If you know, you know.

They need to run way tooooo fast down a hill in order to learn that gravity can suck.

They need to scream way tooooooo loud in order for them to know the right amount of volume to use to get an adult’s attention.

They need to be way toooooo wild so their body can learn how to regulate.

They need to be way toooooo much in order for them to know what is just the right amount of anything. And maybe it will always be tooooo of anything. But that is how they learn.

So let them play. Let them discover the world and themselves without our adult lenses telling them they are tooooooo....

If we can embrace all the toooooo... we embrace the child fully. And by embracing the child fully, we can let them live into what they are meant to be. And we just may have a lot less adults in our world that have baggage to unpack from being told they were toooooo.

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I will have starry eyes for the next year.

I was honored to welcome Rae Pica to The Play Based Learning Podcast!

If you choose play - you choose to be an advocate for play. Rae gives you great insight on what being a Champion for Children means and simple ways to advocate that don’t include standing behind a podium in front of the senate.

She offer listeners a code to use for 10% off her courses (I’m taking the Champion for Children and it’s packed with helpful information) but you will have to head over to my podcast on your favorite podcast getter app to get it!

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There have been many times that I have said the words “I am 100% a better teacher than I am a mother.” After saying it so many times, I started to feel badly - like I shouldn’t say that about my parenting skills... but then I made a realization one day while chatting with someone about why parenting is sooooo hard.

If we look at the stages of teacher development and apply that to parenting, we are always stuck in survival mode with our own kids because they are always getting older and have new needs. Every freaking day.

To all the parents out there that continually feel like they are barely hanging on... We are all in survival mode together. And will be forever. So this is why parenting can feel stressy and messy and yelly and like the hardest thing. And it generally doesn’t get any easier. The needs change. The world changes. And we change. Seek out support every day. Breathe every day. Move your body every day. Play (yes you) every day. By taking care of you, you can better survive this.


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