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Nature Play

Kristen is the founder and director of a nature based preschool in Minnesota. She spends time outdoors with children in all weather, year round. This workshop will engage the learners with SO MANY IDEAS to get your kids outdoors more, bring the outdoors IN, and the reasons connection with nature is so important in early childhood!  She loves to tell you about all the outdoor gear available to keep kids comfy outside.  Available in a full day or half day workshop format!

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Play Basics

Define Play. There are so many resources, leaders, researchers, psychologists, doctors and other people who know the best definition of play, AND, Kristen has seen it in action. She has first hand knowledge about how young children’s brains work to absorb everything around them, through play. She will break it down for you in this engaging, energetic and practice changing workshop. Give her a half a day to change the way you think about learning!

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Loose Parts Play

Let’s overhaul your play space with some natural, cheap, easy to come by and sometimes weird loose parts.  Corks, tree chunks, fabric scraps... Kristen will show you her favorite loose parts, bring you on a journey to understand the value in loose parts play and entertain with her captivating style!  She will even give you the secret to finding the jackpot of wood beads!  We can make this an hour, a half day or give me a whole weekend! Let’s do this!

Kristen's topics aren't limited to the three above.

Other things she loves to speak about:

Process art, weapon play, not making children say "sorry", YES programs, meeting standards through play, AND she loves to coach programs that are opening soon to create child-led environments.  Contact her to create the perfect workshop or training for you and your staff.

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